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Why should I employ Worldlink Business Consultants to help with my immigration?

Take the time, resources, knowledge required for a successful immigration process into consideration. Then consider that under most circumstances, you only have one chance for a successful application. Without deliberation, opting for professional assistance to prevent the procedural errors that commonly occurs in D.I.Y. permanent residence visa applications is the easiest and most straightforward step you can take for your future. As recognised migration agents, our thorough understanding of immigration processes and experiences with past cases will minimise errors and increase your chances of succeeding.

What is more difficult, to get Permanent Residence Visa in Australia or in Canada?

Australia and Canada are well known for their immigration programs and high standards of living and resources provided to assist new migrants’ assimilation into their new communities. However, the current immigration process to Australia is considered more restrictive than Canada. Australia places more scrutiny on the migrants’ ability to integrate into local society and gauges their chances of success in current labour market. It is not possible to accurately measure and compare the migration processes of one country with another as each country targets specific types of skills and migrants. Please keep in mind that required processes of each country changes on a regular basis.

What is ‘sponsorship’?

Sponsorship is defined as the undertaking of applicant for an Australian visa by an Australian Permanent Resident or Australian Citizen. The sponsor is responsible for specified commitments to an applicant for a visa, such as provision of accommodation or financial assistance to correspond with his or her arrival, in the event that a visa is granted. Different visas entail different commitments to different parties. For example, under the Employer Nominated Scheme, an employer is required to provide evidence that the applicant is able to contribute highly sought after skills that is hardly available locally.

What is Skills Assessments?

To apply for General Skills migration, it is required that you put forth your skills and experiences gained (qualifications and work experience) to be assessed by the appropriate Skills Assessment Bodies to justify your nominated occupation.

How long would it take before I can get a PR status?

After completing a complimentary Official Assessment with Worldlink Business Consultants, we will provide a comprehensive response to cater to your specific case. This is due to the varying processing times allocated by government bodies to different visas. For example, for Australian offshore applications, it could take anywhere from 1 ½  to 3 years. The time required for a successful application highly depends on the priority processing currently practiced by DIAC. Please contact us for a more comprehensive explanation.

What is IELTS?

IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. It is the standard of English used by many immigration bodies (e.g. Australia and New Zealand) to assess your English proficiency for migration purposes.

How do I know if my occupation is ‘valid’ for skilled migration?

Your nominated occupation has to be in accord with the respective occupations list.
Please refer to the Skills Occupations List for Australia

What should I provide in the enquiry form? How do I find out if I’m eligible?

If you are interested to live in Australia, New Zealand or Canada, please include the following information in our online enquiry form:

  -Your personal details
  -Your education background
  -Your work experience
  -Your spouse details (if applicable)

Details of any family in Australia/New Zealand/Canada (if applicable)
With the above information, we will provide you with a complimentary ‘Official Assessment’ to further assist your decision making, including suggested routes etc.

Kindly click here for the enquiry page.

I’d like to start a business in Australia/New Zealand/Canada. What can Worldlink Business Consultants do to assist me?

We can help you obtain a Permanent Residence or other visas to bring forth your business plans through the Business or Investor Category or Provisional Business Skills Category. Our in-house consultants will assist you in reviewing and formulating a detailed and concrete business plan in addition to the required migration procedures. 

Which State/Territory Governments' sponsorship is easier to secure?

Each and every State/Territory Government has their own requirements for sponsorship as well as a list of occupations that they are offering sponsorship.
It is not possible to accurately measure and compare the migration processes of one State/Territory with another as each State/Territory targets specific types of skills and migrants.

Am I required to sit for IELTS even though I am an Australian graduate?

Yes, all applicants are required to provide IELTS result to evidence their English Language Ability. You will be exempted from taking IELTS if you are a holder of a valid passport from, and are a citizen of, one of the following countries:

  -United Kingdom (UK)
  -New Zealand
  -United States of America (USA)
  -Republic of Ireland.

If you wish to claim 25 points you will need to meet the required English language test results for proficient English.

If I am seeking sponsorship from one of the State/Territory government which sponsors my nominated occupation under both Subclass 176 and Subclass 475 visa, can I choose which visa Subclass that I want to apply under?

No, you would not be able to do so. The visa subclass that you will be applying under will be determined by the State/Territory governments.

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