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Update on parent and grandparent visitor visa applications from 1 August to 21 September

We are implementing a one-off change for customers who applied for Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visas that have not progressed through the Immigration Online platform as expected, these applications were received between 1 August and 21 September.

Requests for medical information meant that these applications did not progress. To process these applications as quickly as possible, an interim measure has now been put in place for these customers.

These applications will now be processed as General Visitor Visas, with similar travel conditions to the Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa. This is a one-off change to enable us to process these applications faster and if granted a visa, successful applicants can travel to New Zealand soon.

Customers affected by this are currently being contacted, and if they log in to Immigration Online, their application may show a ‘lapsed’ status. They do not need to do anything. This is part of the change to progress these visa applications.

Applications after 22 September are not affected. We have also updated information on our website to improve customer guidance about visa categories.

As Immigration Online beds in, we are continually improving functionality for a better user experience for customers, immigration advisors and employers, and we are committed to ensuring that issues with the platform are resolved as soon as possible.

For more info click here.

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