We have been established since March 1991 with an excellent track records, hence we view each application unique as every client’s needs are different. We assist our clients at every step of the immigration process and are proud of our track records and reputation.

Below are some of our clients’ testimonials.

With reference to your and your staff's service, with all honesty I can recommend your firm to anyone as I would say your service is first class and very professional coming from a professional like myself.

-P L Pang (Melbourne, Australia. Former Senior Partner: Big Four International Accountant Firm)

From my personal dealings with Worldlink Consultants, I have the following comments about the consultancy in a nutshell: committed, caring, responsible, well and good rapport with the Australian government particularly DIAC, acted promptly, experienced, recruited with group of well-trained staffs such as Cecilia and the fees are reasonable.

-Datuk Anderson Chua ( Managing Director of a Property Development Group in Malaysia)

Ms Susan Wong and her team were extremely professional in overseeing our family's migration application to Australia. The friendly service and advice has assisted us greatly in successfully planning our migration arrangements. During the period of application, Ms Susan Wong was available to advice and assist us with our queries. We were very happy to use your services and would highly recommend Worldlink Migration Services.

-Christopher Tang (Ringwood East, Melbourne, Australia)

I am satisfied with the service rendered by Susan and her Team. I found them to be wise counsellor, very attentive, efficient and has rendered great service to me and my family. I am pleased to recommend them to others whenever the opportunity arises.

-Annie Chew ( Managing Director of Established Office Stationeries Group in Malaysia)

Thank you so much for helping us to obtain our permanent residency in 1997. Your professionalism and quick, efficient responses were greatly appreciated.

My family are now Australian citizen and living a happy life in Sydney.

-K C Cheong (Sydney, Australia)

I was introduced by a friend who was your client and had already granted Temporary Resident (sub class 163) to Australia. I was told Ms Susan Wong is a very professional woman who can give excellent advice and services for migration application.

In year 2007 I applied for my migration to Australia under the Subclass 163 as a Temporary Resident. In year 2012 Worldlink handled my application for Permanent Residency (Subclass 892) and it was approved in a very short time. After dealing with Ms Susan Wong’s company, I was very impressed with the employees' efficiency and their prompt services.

I would totally recommend my friends to use Worldlink services for any migration application.

-Yaw Fatt Yong (Burwood, Australia)

I am referring to Ms Susan Wong in connection with the help and support she has provided me during this whole period, i.e. in 2008 for my first stage provisional visa under subclass 165 visa and in 2013 getting my second stage residence visa, under subclass 892. I have found Worldlink’s service to be GOOD and I very much appreciated their cooperation and time to time contact during the process of my application.

I have got to know about Worldlink’s services from a friend (Mr K C Ann) from Buddhist organisation member SGI, SGM that have highly recommended Worldlink’s service.  A big THANKS to Ms Susan Wong and her team members for the professional service.

-Ms G C Tan ( Businesswoman Brisbane, Australia)

Susan Wong was first introduced to me by my friend back in 2010 when I was exploring the idea of applying for an Australian visa. Having sourced around I finally settled with Susan as her service was more personal and friendly.

I only had one chance to apply for the visa and was advised to apply for the State Sponsored Investor visa that best suited my profile.

Due to Susan and Michael's diligence and thoroughness in doing the application, my visa was approved in 2011.

My family and I are all now happily settled in Sydney.

We have since recommended Susan and Worldlink to many of our friends for their Australian visa application. So far the success rate and service provided was beyond expectations. I would strongly recommend Susan and Worldlink for anyone’s’ visa application.

-Dr Jee and family ( Medical Practitioner Sydney, Australia)

I can confirm that services provided by Worldlink are exceptionally brilliant, and is above my wife, Christine and my expectation.

My cousin brother had strongly recommended Worldlink to me, as Worldlink was his immigration representative decade ago.

We have started the immigration process since year 2010, Australia Immigration has granted us a Temporary Resident Visa - Sub Class 475 in 2012. Worldlink has professionally advised us along these years. Also, Worldlink always responded to our queries within 1-2 days, without fail.

As I appreciate the services provided by Worldlink so much, I have recommended Worldlink to my younger brother, who is in Singapore that has decided to apply for Australia Residence Visa.

Again, many thanks for all the efforts and services provided by Worldlink.

-M K Chong (United Kingdom)

My wife and I found Worldlink through a newspaper advertisement in Penang. We made an appointment to meet with them to discuss a possible application for an Australian resident visa.

At the appointment I met Susan Wong, whom I found to be very knowledgeable and based on my background, was able to advise me on the type of visa I would be eligible for.

The staff of Worldlink was very helpful and capable. They guided me through my application which was quite complicated due to the type of visa I applied for. They went through the many documents I provided and was able to build a good case for my application. When the prepatory work was ready, my family and I went ahead with our application for a Sponsored Investor Sub-Class 165 visa in June 2011.

Our application was successful and we obtained our visas in May 2012 and are now residing in Australia.

I am happy to give my recommendation to Worldlink and Susan Wong as migration agents. They have done very well by us.

- Jeffrey Khoo ( Investor Perth, Australia)

My experience with Worldlink was awesome. Their staffs are highly efficient and professional in dealing with migration matters. The services offered by Worldlink are of the best I have seen thus making the process of migration a breeze. Thank you very much!!

-C L Chong (Malaysia)

Due to procrastination, my application for Australian PR under skill migration was hindered by my lack of points due to my age bracket. Nevertheless, I was determined to do this for my children’s future. So I approached several agents in 2011 but all of them were not hopeful and told me that my chances for qualification was very slim. The only way that I could still qualify was to  achieve maximum points from my IELTS score and to get some points from my spouse’s skill . Despite the not so encouraging assessment, I set out to  garner the points from IELTS. I tried many times but each time I missed by a small margin.

I was about to give up until my wife’s friend introduced us to Susan from Worldlink. Based on her professional view and experience, she was confident that I would be able to secure points for my spouse’s skill and  encouraged me to try to get the points from IELTS. That was in early 2013. I kept her posted of my results and she continued to provide me with tips and guides on the exam. By March 2013, I  was still not able to score on the IELTS and decided to put off my attempt for a while.

I had almost given up when Susan called me in Jul 2013 to follow up on my status.  That call and with the support from my colleague, prompted me to take the IELTS one last time. By the grace of God, I finally managed to score in my Nov 2013 sitting. From then onwards, Susan guided and steered us on our path to  securing our residence visa. Our application was submitted in Dec 2013, and thanks to the efficient help of Susan and her team, our application proceeded smoothly and was approved in Nov 2014. 

My family is now preparing to relocate to Australia next year. Susan’s encouragement and personalised and professional touch have made all this possible.  We are ever so grateful.

-Mr S Ong ( Accountant of one of the leading International Oil and Gas Company)

Our Journey with Worldlink (Malaysia)….. 

Being a Client, especially in desperate situations seeking for a Permanent Resident in another country puts a person in a very vulnerable position especially if that person had been rejected before. I had been there and before you continue your search of another Migration Agent, please read the following journey of my experience with Worldlink (Malaysia). …

Coming back from Queensland in August, 2005, I was completely devastated when the Australia Immigration Department back then DIMIA (Department of Immigration & Multicultural & Indigenous Affairs) rejected my application of a Permanent Resident stating that my application status being INVALID. One would be asking the WHYs and HOWs I could have arrived to that stage however as I mentioned in the very beginning of this Testimonial, as a Client and having very little knowledge how the system works puts a person in a very vulnerable position. My application back then was lodge by a Migration Agent cum Lawyer in Queensland.

Not being granted a Permanent Residency and having no other Visa to remain in the country, I have no option but to go home to Malaysia. I did not give up to gain Residency in the Australia. Searches after searches continue on my end for a good Migration Agent. It all begins the minute that I knock on the door of Worldlink (Malaysia). Having explained my situation and upsets, Worldlink (Malaysia) starts to look up for options after options, alternatives after alternatives in order for my application to be stronger before the final lodgment to DIMIA.

Worldlink Staff are truly unique and TAKE THESE WORDS VERY SERIOUSLY as they never gave up on locating a State Sponsorship for me. During the lodgment for a State Sponsorship, all the States i.e. Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia, and Victoria rejected my application except Western Australia. This was a NO luck but all because of Worldlink’s hard work and effort. Worldlink’s Staff Members are very humane, professional and very knowledgeable as well as accurate in short. As a Professional, I rate the work ethic at Worldlink (Malaysia) on a scale of 10 being the highest and 0 being the lowest; this Migration Agent deserves a FULL 10. Staff Members work hand in hand supporting their Clients because I am the living proof.

After the 2 years of working and living in Esperance (July, 2009 – November, 2011), Western Australia, I received my Permanent residency at the end of 2011. My husband’s application for a Temporary Residency in the year of 2012 as well as Permanent Residency (2015) was also done by Worldlink (Malaysia). In short, after the very first knock on Worldlink (Malaysia) door, both my husband and I never had the second thought of seeking another Migration Agent. Indeed it had been a milestone, 10 years (August, 2005- June, 2015), our journey with Worldlink (Malaysia) and still we, now, husband and wife, are still ever with this wonderful Migration Agent. If our case could be this successful, so could yours. Both my husband and I have no other words to describe Worldlink (Malaysia) but simply an extremely pleasant and blessing journey with the Staff Members. Well Done Worldlink (Malaysia)!

-Mr & Mrs Rebecca & Jayakumar Chidembaram (Singapore) 

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